The Study USA Community College Fair is a virtual event specifically for international students considering to study their undergraduate degree in the United States. This virtual fair brings some of the best US Community Colleges to speak to you.

Study Abroad Virtual Fairs function just as In-Person Fairs, where the attending Institutions have their own space (a virtual booth) that you can visit, get detailed information and even chat live with the institutions representatives!

What is a Community College?

Community Colleges are higher education institutions that offer two-year degrees (Associate Degrees). Then, the student makes the transfer process to a university, and with another 2 years of study, he/she completes her/his baccalaureate. This path offers several advantages:

  • Student receives a Community College (Associate) degree and a Bachelor's degree from the chosen university;
  • Community Colleges cost much less than universities, the student has a huge financial advantage during the 4 years of graduation;
  • It's much simpler to be accepted into a Community College compared to a top university.
  • Community Colleges participating in the Virtual Fair transfer to some of the best US universities such as Stanford, Berkley, Texas, among others;
  • Choosing to enter top US universities in the first year is a high investment and difficult. Whereas, choosing a Community College prepares you more and makes the transfer process to a university much simpler after you’ve graduated with your two-year degree;
  • It is common for students who excel in the first two years of a Community College to get scholarships in universities for the remaining 2 years of university studies. After the first 2 years at Community Colleges, students can opt to work for 1 year - OPT *.

What's the 2+2 program?

It is The most popular and financially reasonable path to a bachelor’s degree in the U.S.

First: Get an associates degree from a Community College (2 years).

Next: Transfer to a U.S. university or take a year and gain some job experience with the OPT program *.

Next: Finish the final two years of your bachelor’s degree at a university.

Finally: Get another year of experience in your field through the OPT program*.

* Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a period during which undergraduate and graduate students with F-1 status who have completed or have been pursuing their degrees for more than nine months are permitted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to work for one year on a student visa towards getting practical training to complement their education.

All the information you need in one place

Meet the directors of the best Community Colleges in the U.S.A.

Learn all about the costs related to studying in the U.S.A and how, in some circumstances, these can be reduced.

Find the best programs available to you that best fit your plans.

Learn about the different types of acommodation and its costs.

Learn how to apply for student visas to study in the U.S.A.

Get to know more about the advantages of studying and living in the U.S.A.

7 reasons to study at an U.S. Community College


Lower Tuition Cost

Tuition and fees cost significantly less at community colleges than at four-year colleges and universities. The average cost of community college tuition in the U.S. ranges from $5,000 to $9,000 per academic year. Students can expect to save $20,000 to $90,000 over the course of their education.


Transfer to top 100 Universities

Most international students are unable to start at top U.S. universities. But starting at a community college enables students to transfer to and graduate from those top universities, as well as other great universities.


Lower English Proficiency requirements

Community colleges require lower scores on English proficiency tests, or can waive the requirements entirely for students who participate in Intensive English Programs (IEPs). Many community colleges offer IEPs to students who need to learn English or need additional English proficiency. *Exact English proficiency requiments will vary, and not all colleges offer intensive English Programs


Approachable Teachers will Excellent Credentials

Community colleges emphasize teaching rather than research. Community college students can enjoy a great deal of personal attention from their professors; extra help and support are available when they need it.


TWO Years of Work permit. Optional Practical Training (OPT)

International students with F-1 status may work for 1 year after they complete their associate degree (2 year program). Then, they may work for a second year after they graduate from their bachelor degree (2 year program).


Flexible admissions requirements: No SAT/ACT needed

Many community colleges do not require standardized admissions test. Instead, they have placement tests for students to take upon arrival, after orientation and before course registration.


Excellent student support services

Community colleges make student's success a mission, and it shows through the assitance and service they offer.

Why graduate in the USA?

High Quality Institutions

High Quality Institutions

Earn a well recognized degree from a USA institution, choose from hundreds of high-quality institutions ranking among the best in the world.

Cultural experience

Cultural experience

Study with students from all over the world and experience a unique campus atmosphere.

Diversity of destinations

Diversity of destinations

From New York to California, choose the right place for you among the most popular destinations nationwide.

Long term Carrer Prospects

Long term Carrer Prospects

Earn a well-recognized degree worldwide and boost your chances on achieving success on your dream job.

Variety of Educational Opportunities

Variety of Educational Opportunities

With thousands of colleges and universities, you will have a wide variety of programs to choose from.

Contact Network

Contact Network

Be a part of a powerful alumni network to support your career opportunities after graduation.

What students are saying about
their experience in the USA


"Clark College knows how to welcome international students and they have a good class size which helps students to interact with the instructors. I have been able to take advantage of many opportunities such as intramural sports, student clubs, scholarships and a student leadership position. For all students, I recommend Clark College. It is a peaceful campus with a good environment."


Jose Espindola-Neto


"Thanks to the CCS, I've met many people from different parts of the world to diversify my social circle while I'm opening my mind to new things. I have had the opportunity to learn about American student life and have made friendships that will transcend borders. All these things will impact positively on my future since these global skills will allow me to be more open about my future - I will have many qualities that other people in my country will not have giving me a competitive advantage in the market when I return to my country. I want to create my own business someday and CCS is helping me achieve my dream!"


Alejandra Benjumea


"I decided to start an AA in Media Communications with an emphasis in Digital Video Production at Laney College. I recently graduated with high honors and I had the wonderful opportunity to do an internship at KTVU FOX News Channel. I am proud of being a Latin woman who has inspired other people to come back to school. I thought English would be a big barrier for my journey at school but I was wrong. My message to the new international students at Peralta Colleges is to be strong in this new culture, in this journey. And don’t let anyone stop your dreams."


Johanna Andrade


"The low student-teacher ratio as well as the numerous transfer agreements makes College of San Mateo an ideal school for a person who wants to be well prepared and save some money before they transfer to a four year college – CSM is helping me open doors."


Alexander Einarsson


"My favorite thing about Cañada College is that you’re always surrounded by kind people that want you to succeed."


Dominique Franceschi


"I’ve not only got the best education at Skyline College but I’ve also had the opportunity to make friends from all over the world."


Sori Mosquera

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Before the event
How does the event work?

The Study USA Community College Virtual fair is the most exclusive event for studying in community colleges in the United Sates. It works just like an in person fair, bringing together Community Colleges from many different parts of the USA. Inside the platform, each Community College will have their own virtual booth, filled with information about their campuses, courses, programs, prices and much more. As a student you will have the opportunity to look for them according to your preferences, visit their booths, check out their information and the best of all, chat live with them and have all of your questions answered.

I lost the email where I had my login information. How can I get another one?

Your login e-mail will be the one you used to register to the virtual fair but in order to receive another password, you just need to click “forgot my password” and the system will send you a new one by e-mail.

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If you wish to change your password please access your profile at (the event's official organizer) and then choose the following tabs, My Preferences > Account Configuration > Password > Edit. Remember, when you registered to attend the Study USA Community College virtual fair, you have automatically created an account on, The largest Social Network for studying abroad in the world.

I can't attend when the virtual fair begins. Can I still attend later?

The fair schedule is free, the login area will be available during the whole fair. You might choose to log in whenever is most convenient for you. We recommend not accessing the platform too late to give you enough time to check all the institutions.

During the event
How can I look for specific programs in my area of interest?

As soon as you have logged into the platform, you will see a Smart Search Engine, that will enable you to look for institutions, according to your own preferences. You will be able to search by name, type of programs, type of courses and/or locations.

After the event
How can I keep in touch with an institution after the event?

By registering for the Study USA Community College Virtual fair, you have automatically created an account at (The Largest Social Network for Studying Abroad in the world). At, you can look, find and connect with all the Community Colleges you met at the Study USA Community College Virtual fair and hundreds of others schools and universities. Remember, your login information will be the same as your Study USA Community College Virtual fair one.


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